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Aquarium Filter Replacement Parts for a Healthy Tank

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Aquarium Filter Replacement Parts for a Healthy Tank

Whether you are a professional aquarist or just a hobbyist, keeping your fish healthy and happy starts with the right filtration system. A good filtration system can also be the decisive difference when it comes to how much time you actually have to spend cleaning your tank. Aquarium filter replacement parts are another important factor in keeping up with the health of the tank. If you have a freshwater, saltwater or reef aquarium, here is a guide to maintaining a successful aquatic ecosystem with aquarium filter replacement parts.

What Filters Do

The purpose of the filter in an aquarium is to remove the following from the water:
  • Excess food
  • Decaying organic matter
  • Free-floating particles
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Waste products from the fish
Fish excrete waste constantly, and if the waste is not removed, the toxins will rapidly build up to high enough concentrations that the fish will poison themselves. Decaying food and particles floating in the water contribute to cloudy aquarium water if not kept in check.

Cleaning Filters

The sole purpose of an aquarium filter is to get the gunk and pollution out of your fish tank. Filter cleaning is a necessary evil in keeping fish, as they will always require cleaning on a regular basis. You should wait at least a week from the last time you cleaned the fish tank to clean filters so that the fish have time to adjust to the new environment before having another shock to the system.
Specific filter types will require different cleaning schedules as follows:
  • Mechanical filters – Of the three types, these filters need to be cleaned the most often, at least once every four weeks. You will want to schedule your filter cleaning days so that they are several days removed from your weekly or biweekly regular tank cleanings.
  • Biological filters – Replace the carbon when the aquarium water turns cloudy, or at least once every two months.
  • Chemical filters – Give the chemical filter a good cleaning out when it appears to be clogged, malfunctioning or working very slowly.
The ideal cleaning period depends entirely on environmental factors within the tank and it is possible to change an aquarium filter too often.

Aquarium Filter Replacement Parts

There are various aquarium filter replacement parts and your needs will depend on the type of filter you have. Replace parts as needed and, as a general rule, filter cartridges should be replaced when the water begins to enter the filter and bypass and/or the cartridge becomes clogged. Filter cartridges should be changed every 4-6 weeks. Conduct a thorough filter check every month and, if components seem like they are not in proper working order, replace them.
Filtration is a necessary part of fish keeping. Just as an air filter cleans the air we breathe, an aquarium filter keeps aquarium water conditions clean and healthy for fish; it also helps keep the aquarium looking nice. In most cases, filters can also simplify the maintenance of your aquarium.